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  • breakfastfleet on course expansion

Company owner Dieter Hohlt plans to expand his successful model.

Since 1990 the breakfast and snack service of the entrepreneur Dieter Hohlt rolls through the land of Osnabruck. A fleet of sales cars drives companies, private households and schools. They bring the fresh snacks directly in front of the (office) door. The recipe of the Bissendorfer team: top product and diversity, creativity and punctuality as well as service orientation.

Cheese or cold cuts, tuna and onion rings, meat salads or salmon – the list of the delicious bread spreads at the rolling breakfast and snack service Hohlt could continue for a long time. How delicious, fresh and varied the products are, can be seen on the sales car due to the photomontages.
"The baguettes, rolls & co, made by Hohlt, have been photographed one by one," says Dieter Hohlt. Light green fonts on a dark background are the company colors, at the same time recognition marks of the enterprise in close proximity to the A30. From early morning the first rolls are produced. Production and cooling rooms are located directly next to each other, the logistics for the delivery of goods, storage and hygienically perfect completion is optimally coordinated. An important topic is the optimized logistics with fast and smooth processes between goods acquisition, storage and production, i.e. the fact that many thousands of rolls are needed, so that one vehicle after another can start exactly in its sales territory. "Our driver who has the longest approach in Bad Oeynhausen has to be equipped first for the punctual sales start," explains Julian Hohlt. Dieter Hohlt is strengthened not only by his son Julian, but also by its managing director, Heike Verges. The topic of breakfast service fits well into further expansion, particularly in attractive conurbations, such as commercial areas with many medium-sized companies, which themselves do not have any canteens, according to Heike Verges.

Dieter and Julian Hohlt as well as Heike Verges want to "speed it up" and expand further. The selection and care of the sales vehicles, as a traveling business card counts twice, according to the managing directors who think that this is an important point. ll wagons of the breakfast and snack service are uniformly "off the shelf", with a 3.30 m long sales bar. Some special features are the optimized storage areas for the quick sale as well as good cooling possibilities plus heater. Since even in the summer at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the morning, the outside temperatures could be very cold. A few further rules for the commercial success are also indispensable from many years of experience according to Hohl's assessment. "Up to 50 stops on a morning between 7 am and 1 pm are possible as long as the distances between the individual stops allow this. However, this depends on the size of the company. The more employees, the more demand of salesperson is required for the customers. As far as possible, there are always a lot of connected addresses in a commercial zone; this should always be the goal.
With the Slogan "the rolling freshness" the sales cars of the Rotenburger manufacturer Borco Höhns for the Hohlt team drive within a distance of about 130 kilometers away from the company center in the Bissendorfer commercial park.