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Borco Höhns GmbH - Vehicle manufacturer
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  • Rolling cheese

Individual mobile manufacturing at the highest level

Claudia Zschille knows exactly what she wants - and what her customers want; for example, her homemade fresh cheese. For 25 years, she has been active in mobile sales around the city of Siegen. 17 years ago, the learned shepherdess took over the cheese sales trailer of her then boss and by doing this she made herself independent. The good object has delivered her a long, faithful service, and now it was time for a new vehicle.

The best offer came from BORCO-HÖHNS. "I've compared a lot," says Claudia Zschille. "The good value I got for the money I paid convinced me. The new trailer is a bit more expensive, but it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. And by the way BORCO-HÖHNS was the party who could deliver the vehicle as quickest.” The 45-year-old is very pleased with her new single-axle 3.5 ton weighing vehicle. The interior walls are elegantly clad in anthracite black. A light box, several spotlights and a 50-inch TV guide the view onto the tasty cheese and special daily offers. If you feel like it, you can watch the good saleswoman while stirring her numerous fresh cheese varieties. "The sales mobile is equipped to perfectly harmonize the workspace, presentation shelves and storage space," says Zschille, who has received a lot of positive feedback from customers.