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Borco Höhns GmbH - Vehicle manufacturer
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"Customers should come to me" 


Every day is a weekly market for fishmonger retailer Lutz Möller - the new sales car is also an office, a communication meeting and a "second home". Loxstedt-Stotel near Bremerhaven is the headquarters of Lutz Möller, a mobile fishmonger. Anyone who visits the busy fishmonger should do it on a Monday, the only day of rest for Möller.


On the property, the stately sales vehicle has just enough space to fill the refrigerated sales area with goods and make everything ready for the start.


Because very early in the morning, for Möller starts a weeklong sales trip. Mobile and thus flexible in every respect, is Möllers business model. Apart from the company headquarters and the nearby the Mecca of fish Bremerhaven, the entrepreneur has worked hard on his role as a "big player on the market" on weekly markets and against lucrative supermarkets in the Harz region.


Fish, fish products and the trade in sea fish are the stuff of Lutz Möller and team. He has made his hobby, namely the selling and affinity to the product fish, a profession, says the lively entrepreneur.  In doing so, he does not put his efforts into stationary sales, but solely on mobile sales. And the consistently inclusive arrival day from Monday to Friday in the approximately three hour’s radius drive away distance from the Harz region. Salzgitter and Peine are the sales centers of Möllers - in the morning on the weekly market, in the afternoon in front of nearby supermarkets, and not in the area of Bremerhaven, that with purchasing power and market frequency doesn’t count to one of the top places. 


For more than 30 years, Lutz Möller has been driving to the weekly market in Salzgitter at around 3 o'clock in the morning, because of the well-frequented, in a top position with mostly above average wealthy customers simply; a very established place for the sale, explains Möller. Although there are other fishmongers here as well, Möller has, in his own words, developed the role of "big player on the market" on the spot and defended to this day. 


His slogan, "the customers are to come to me" (even if he meets a bit in the middle), has worked. However, the working week quickly had up to 70 hours.


The vehicle, "our gun" as Möller describes the enormous dimensions of the mobile sales van with a permissible total weight of 6.9 tons, is a cooperation of his experiences in the day-to-day business and the arts of the vehicle manufacturers of Borco-Höhns, Chef Möller describes his long-term business relationship with the company from Rotenburg.


Sales expert Lutz Möller relies on quality.