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Clever plus

CLEVERplus 4524-FL

The TOP liner with the equipment plus


The sales trailer for a high demand: The CLEVER 4524-FL with a length of 4.50 meters and a high-quality equipment proves to be a popular companion in the compact line.

Three upgrade variants offer attractive additional features and individual design options. A great price-performance ratio.

In the category FEATURES you will find all upgrade variants with their respective equipment features at a glance. Standard equipment is marked with a tick, not available equipment with an X and optional equipment with an O.

  • Total weight: 2,450 kg
  • Load capacity: approx. 650-850 kg
  • Interior dimensions (L x W x H): 4,500 x 2,410 x 2,100 mm
Upgrade 1
Upgrade 2
Upgrade 3

  • Paint one or two colors
  • Sales opening without mullion
  • Insulating floor with safety flooring
  • 2 mushroom roof ventilators
  • Cooling machine sideways, left rear
  • Optima counter - display 740 mm
  • Hygiene package according to DIN 10.500
  • lighting
  • and much more...

  • GFK component
  • optical increase outside
  • inside original interior sky

  • Valance in waveform and / or
  • Side panels, acrylic glass, anodised aluminum frame

  • Safety glass, solid core number plate 275 mm

  • Panoramic safety glass, foldable 

  • Varia ceiling light, vertical

  • Fields of view Acrylic glass, milky
  • facet shape

  • with BÄRO LED spotlights

  • in the sales opening above

  • in the sales opening above

  • on working surface, locked with a mandrel

  • veneered; up to 1,250 mm, height adjustable
  • Display straight, 250 mm
  • Incl. acrylic glass edge with chrome holder

  • in aluminum carrier profile, 250 mm

  • 1 drawer ball bearing guided with stainless steel tub for 2 - E3 boxes

  • 2 drawers ball bearing guided with stainless steel tub, for 4 - E3 boxes

  • including hot gas defrosting
  • with digital control
  • Evaporator swiveling system

  • 1 x wall brackets, 200 mm - top
  • 1 x wall brackets, 100 mm - below
  • Total length approx. 1275 mm

  • two-lamp - with reflector, over the counter

  • under the sales flap

  • behind the ceiling light box as indirect lighting

  • Typ EVO 40, maximum power 4000 W or
  • Typ EVO 55, maximum power 5500 W

  • Glass letterbox highlighted in color

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